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True Launch PLUS Hitting Strip

True Launch PLUS Hitting Strip

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The True Launch PLUS Hitting Strip adds a half inch of height to our standard hitting strip, bringing it to 1.75 inches in total height. These hitting strips butt-up against our 4x5 & 5x5 PLUS hitting mats and create full In-Line hitting area. 

True Launch High Impact Hitting mats are perfect for your golf simulator and are great for outdoor full swing use or the perfect upgrade for chipping and pitching to your putting and chipping green.

True Launch Hitting Strips Ship Free in the CONUS.

We found that these mats have the most durable & versatile performance for hitting, pitching & chipping. They are made with a high impact 5/8 inch foam base that is very shock absorbent allowing for a descending blow. As a result, you obtain the most realistic feedback from your full swings, chips, and pitches with less impact to your joints.

This mat can be rotated in all directions and still perform identically when and if you manage to wear out a side. We have found the ground stability for full swings to be unmatched when compared to this mat. Your feet will stay grounded during full swings without the feeling of slipping or floating. However, you may need to secure it with double sided tape to get full effect.


Accepts a regular golf tee

12" Hitting Strip (1.75 " height)

High Impact foundation allows for full swing use

Club does not bounce off the mat

Allows for descending impact and divot simulation

Shock absorbent foundation is easy on wrists and joints
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