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True Launch 5'x5' Hitting Mat PLUS

True Launch 5'x5' Hitting Mat PLUS

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True Launch High Impact Hitting mats are great for full swing use or the perfect upgrade for chipping and pitching to your putting and chipping green. We found that these mats have the most durable & versatile performance for hitting, pitching & chipping.  When used with a launch monitor, they offer the most realistic ball launch numbers compared with grass that we have found.  This effectively makes them more accurate to outdoor grass use.


These mats are made with a high impact 5/8 inch foam base that is very shock absorbent allowing for a descending blow. As a result, you obtain the most realistic feedback from your full swings, chips, and pitches with less impact to your joints. This mat can be rotated in all directions and still perform identically when and if you manage to wear out a side.

The turf on the True Launch PLUS mat is deeper than the regular True Launch mat.  This allows for this mat to accept the use of real tees and the shock absorbtion is greater.  There is also a greater feeling for mishits since there is more thickness allowing for a more descending attack angle into impact.


Large 5 x 5 ft. Mat

High Impact foundation allows for full swing use

Club does not bounce off the mat

Allows for descending impact

Shock absorbent foundation is easy on wrists and joints

Accepts and actual golf tee

Each mat comes with a rubber hitting tee, golf ball tray, and includes holes on both ends for right or left hand players
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