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Office Fit 16+ Indoor Putting Green

Office Fit 16+ Indoor Putting Green

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The Office fit 16+ is a 16ft long by 18 inch wide two piece putting green.  The green is made of two 8 ft x 18 inch wide sections that can be seamed together as needed.  It is our most compact putting mat offered with a foundation and perfect for getting your stroke ready at the office before running to the first tee.  It has a standard cup for the ball to fall into that gives realistic feedback just like on the golf course. 

Its a great fit for offices and ultra compact situations.  The green is long enough to offer a 6.5 foot putt in the main section but when used with an extension the green is 16 ft total length.  The extension piece comes with a length of seam tape that so you can seam your green together so well, you wont know its 2 pieces. The tape is reusable so if you move it to a larger space or travel with it, you can add the extra length.

This green comes with a backstop and flag stick with base


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