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Captain America Wedge Set

Captain America Wedge Set

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This Captain America Wedge set (52°, 56°, 60°) features Golf Pride Tour 2G red, white and blue grips matched perfectly with these patriotic Steve Rogers ferrules from BB&F. The wedges have True Temper stiff shafts in standard length and use the Heater Xn8 wedge heads with deep grooves and a milled face for exceptional spin.




  • The new Heater Xn8 Wedges feature a unique beveled sole combined with a tour proven shape and bounce design to provide accurate play from any lie. The Xn8 wedges go to new heights, taking the forward Center of Gravity (CG) and raising it even further, promoting a more controlled ball flight and solid contact.
  • Outer Score Lines: Unique micro-milled score line pattern on the toe of this wedge to line up with an open club-face. Outer score lines will help to generate the proper spin and allow for better control on difficult shots. Micro-milled score lines with a progressive sole grind create solid contact with consistent distance control.
  • The beveled sole improves improves turf interaction and versatility
  • Finished in a Brushed Satin finish to reduce unwanted glaring.
  • Proven shape and bounce design provide accurate play from any lie.
  • Right Hand Lofts (48°-60°) Left Hand Lofts (50°-60°)
  • Loft, Lie, Face Angle +/- 1°; Weight +/- 3 gm tolerance.


Club Loft Lie Weight Bounce Offset
48º 48° 64° 300 g 0.5 mm
50º 50° 64° 300 g 10° 0.5 mm
52º 52° 64° 302 g 10° 0.5 mm
54º 54° 64° 302 g 12° 0.50 mm
56º 56° 64° 302 g 12° 0.5 mm
58º 58° 64° 305 g 0.5 mm
60º 60° 64° 305 g 0.5 mm
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