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NEW Align Putting Gates

NEW Align Putting Gates

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  • ALIGN PUTTING GATES: New game changing golf training aids for mastering putts and shaving strokes off your game! Full set includes 3 premium brushed metal Putting Gates (2”, 3”, 4”) and canvas Carrying Case



  • VISUAL TRAINING AID: Get your putts on the correct line every time! Use the gates as a visual path and get instant feedback - on line putts seamlessly roll through and off-line putts will miss or knock the gates





  • THREE PACK: Includes 3 gate sizes for practicing varying putt lengths: 2” width gate for 3-5ft putts, 3” width gate for 6-10ft putts and 4” width gate for 11-20ft putts - reinvent your putting practice routine!




  • ULTRA PORTABLE: Gates quickly assemble for putting practice on the green, at the office or any flat surface (carpet recommended) and disassemble for storage in the compact carrying case. Weighted gate feet also ensure they remain in place during practice
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