Your Custom Backyard Putting Green

Your Custom Backyard Putting Green

Have you always wanted your very own custom backyard putting green, well now you can do it yourself with our DIY backyard green packages. Our customer Andy wanted a 12' x 15' putting green with a 12" rough fringe border around the green. For this project we utilized 1.25" UltraBase panels and turf & rough sourced from ProPutt Systems.

Once we receive the order the panels are laid out in the configuration of your choice and cut to size. Next the panels are marked to show you how to easily reassemble the design in your backyard.

Then the turf is cut to size and rolled out over the panels to ensure an accurate fit. 

Next the rough turf is cut and laid out around the edges of the base panels and marked for easy installation.

The pieces are all test fit to make sure everything everything looks seamless. The holes are left for you to cut once you stretch the turf over the panels to get a perfect hole location. 

Finally, everything is packaged up and shipped to your location ready for installation. The process from start to finish is approximately 3-4 weeks.

After you've prepared your sub-base and laid out your breaks its time to reassemble your green. Start with the enclosed tensile material to control drainage and lay your panels out. 

Next roll your turf out, staple it to the panels and add your fringe material.

Finally install your cups & pin assemblies and you are ready to get busy on your very own private putting green!

There is no putting green size too big or too small, just let us know what you need and we'll make your backyard green project a reality. Please serious inquiries only.


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No, thank you Andy! You’re green looks fantastic and we hope you get many years of practice and enjoyment on it!

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I want to thank you for all your assistance with my green, the process from research to purchase was Awesome! The green installation took about 2 days and wasn’t too bad. I had to let the green acclimate for about 24 hrs prior to stapling, which gave me time to double check all my breaks on the green. Building the base took the most time because I went above & beyond. I put down 3 levels of weed block, then used #57 rock, packed it down, watered, packed again then I put about 3-4" of rock dust down and packed/watered again. I did that for about a month, here in Florida we have very soft ground. Now I just need to finish the landscaping.
Botton line: AWESOME!
Thank you,


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