Why Every Golfer Should Own A Practice Putting Green

Why Every Golfer Should Own A Practice Putting Green

"Drive for show, putt for dough." A common refrain from golfers, but a truism nonetheless. How many times have you rushed to make a tee time and instead of going to the putting green you went right to the range and quickly banged a few drivers and 7-irons? I bet a lot. But the statistics of the game suggest you would be better off by putting rather than driving.

Dave Pelz, the former NASA engineer turned short game guru, has spent years looking at where players gain & lose strokes to par. Based on his research, Pelz suggests that improving your putting is the single most important thing you can do to significantly lower your scores. 

"But, Hammer, I don't have time to practice my putting." I can't tell you how often I hear that "yeah, but" statement. So I always ask Why? Well, I don't live on a golf course, or my course is closed for the winter, or, due to daylight savings time, by the time I get home from work it's too dark to practice my putting or it's too cold/hot to practice my putting. My favorite is it's the kid's fault; I have to take them to soccer, football, lacrosse and tuba lessons. The excuses, I mean reasons, people can't practice their putting is endless. That's why everyone needs a practice putting green at home.

Having a putting green at home takes the "I can't" out of the equation and gives you reason and opportunity to practice your putting.

Let's go through some of the common reasons people poo poo a practice putting green.

"Practice greens are too expensive." 

Yeah right, you can buy a decent small green for as little as $99 and a really nice one for the cost of one round at Kapalua.

"Practice greens take up too much room."

NOT! Most of the greens today can be rolled up and put away when not in use. 

"Practice greens don't provide a real world putting surface."

True, there are some greens made out of foam or bad synthetic grass, but most of the quality greens can give you real world speed and breaks that can mimic what you encounter on the course.

"Even if I had a putting green I wouldn't have time to use it."

The great thing about having your own green is that you can practice anytime for as little as 10-mintues a day. I let the dog out at night and, while she is out in the backyard enjoying all the smells in the air, I stay inside and hit putts. Trust me, when you have one, you will find time to use it.

"I don't have room for a green in my apartment/condo/townhome/McMansion."

Green sizes start at 2'x6' and can fit in any kitchen, dining room, den or bedroom. Just because you don't have room for a big green doesn't mean you can't practice those dreaded 5 footers on a small one.

"I live on a golf course so there is no need for a home putting green."

Hey, I live on a golf course with multiple practice putting greens but they all require me to get in my car and drive over to them. Additionally, we have a dress code, and sometimes I just want to practice putting in shorts, a t-shirt and bare feet. Having my very own green allows me to do just that. And, you can't putt with the Dean's daughter at night at your club.

"I practice at the local driving range/Muni practice area."

That's great, but, again, it requires jumping in the car. Also, when you're on a community green, it can be a distraction when you are working on a specific drill and balls are coming into your line from other golfers aiming at the same hole. Having your very own green allows you to focus on your drill and tune everything else out, assuming the kids have gone to bed of course.

So, I hope my arguments have convinced you of the benefits of owning your very own putting green. 

Check out the many greens we have to offer here at Golf Gear Box, and, if you don't see one you like, check out some other suppliers, but get putting people!


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