Top 10 Coolest Products from the 2021 PGA Show

Top 10 Coolest Products From The 2021 PGA Merchandise Show

The 2021 PGA Merchandise Show has come and gone again, and we walked the halls to bring you the best products introduced this year. Okay, the show was virtual this year, but we still sifted through the 1,387 products on display to bring you our Top 10 Coolest Golf Products. Obviously, we did not have a chance to touch or test any of these products and cannot vouch for the marketing claims made by the manufacturers, but it's a great place to start when life gets back to normal.  

10. Spoiler alert! We could not find 10 really cool items at this year's show. COVID obviously impacted manufacturing and the virtual nature of the show most likely limited new product launches. Besides, Top 9 Products just didn't sound right to us.
9. MYHANABI claims their H2 golf ball will increase distance and reduce spin for senior & women golfers. Their proprietary non-circular "fireworks" dimple design (It looks like a flower to us.) is based on aerodynamic testing that reduces resistance by using "lift & propulsion" of the ball itself, Uh-huh! MYHANABI says the H2 is approved for play by both the USGA & The R&A.


8.  RollReady™ is a compact lightweight golf ball cleaner that attaches to your belt so you can clean the ball on the tee or on the green. To clean the ball simply place it in the cup and roll it around. The laser-cut microfiber cloth has two different textures to give the ball a thorough cleaning, damp or dry.

7. Want to take your golf everywhere you go? Well, these tumblers from Siccups are perfect for your commute, a backyard BBQ, or in the golf cart. These dimpled, insulated cups are available in multiple sizes and come with a lifetime warranty. We like the 12 oz cup for our hot coffee and the 30 oz version for iced coffee or tea.


 6. We've become huge fans of golf shoes that use the BOA closure system. The New Ecco S-Three shoe blends on-course performance with off-course style. The waterproof ECCO M GOLF S-THREE is said to deliver premium comfort with its enhanced E-DTS® outsole and GORE-TEX Technology for excellent traction and wet weather protection. The latest ECCO ZONAL FLUIDFORM™ (Marketers LOL) sole innovation focuses on three different areas to offer unparalleled comfort, stability, and flexibility.


    5. Our favorite golf training aid displayed at the PGA Show was the Scratch Stick from IndiGolf. The Scratch Stick is truly the Swiss Army Knife of training aids. Combining a monopod to hold your camera/phone, a divot tool, 2 swing alignment tools, and a putting rail that fits easily into your golf bag.


    4. Mrs. GGB was a huge fan of the Polo golf dress and of the name of the company making it—BLOQUV. And, it does block UV. BLOQUV claims the dress is lightweight, moisture-wicking, quick-drying and offers odor protection. 


    3. Want to build a simulator in your home but just don't have the room? Well, now you can with the GTrak remote controlled retractable net & screen. The GTrak attaches to your garage door and can be set-up in less than 60 minutes. It's available as a hitting net that can be used for golf, hockey, soccer, etc, and as a net/screen combo for use as a golf simulator. Carabiner clips allow for easy mount & dismount of the screen.



    2. The Altaz Rangefinder sounds perfect for people with eyeglasses or sunglasses that have a difficult time angling the lens of an ordinary rangefinder. Altaz adds an external 3" LCD screen which makes it much easier to search for the target. It's as simple to use as a digital camcorder—just point, and press to get fast, accurate distances to the pin.


    1. The Big Tilt Pro Max from Wellputt is a tilting platform controlled by a tablet device, tiltable from 0% to -5% left - right / right - left. It allows you to reproduce real game situations in order to train effectively. The package includes a laser aiming system and a training software that proposes more than 150 training exercises (slope reading, aiming, speed control, time pressure programs etc) and playful challenges.


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