Best Golf Grips For Golfing In The Rain

Top 10 Golf Grips For Wet & Humid Conditions For 2024

The 90 degree temps have now hit the U.S. and with that comes daily thunder showers and oppressive humidity. Keeping a solid grip on your golf cub during these wet & humid conditions can be a difficult task, which is why we've listed the Best Golf Grips for wet & humid conditions. 




The Lamkin UTX+ is the only high performance "+" model grip with full cord, tour-preferred texture and tack. Manufactured with proprietary Genesis rubber material, the Reduced Taper "+" model is designed to reduce tension for increased power and control. The UTX+ is available in standard & Midsizes.



 9. Gip Master Master Sewn Perforated Swinger Grip

This luxury sewn cowhide grip has an aggressive perforation that gives an even higher level of traction and control in hot, humid, and wet conditions while still affording an amazing soft touch! As with all Grip Master swing grips, there is no real need to wear a glove, adding even more value to the purchase of Grip Master grips.




8. Lamkin UTX Green

Fully corded grips are excellent at moving moisture away from your hands, but they can be a little slick before they are broken in. Lamkin's NEW UTX Green is the industry's first full cord with a tacky texture right out of the bag. Its Tri-Layer Technology blends three unique materials to provide exceptional torsion control and superior vibration dampening.


Lamkin UTX Green


 7. Avon Tacki-Mac Pro D2X Dual

Avon is not a household name in the golf grip arena, but their grips are made right here in the USA. The Pro D2x is a dual-molded compound boasting a firm rubber upper and softer rubber lower section in a dual-color design. The firm rubber, all-weather lower section combines comfort, feedback and feel for a true connection between the player and the club.




6. Forward Golf

Forward Golf grips are slightly tacky with a built in alignment technology that helps you take a consistent grip on the club. The unique raised chevron pattern funnels moisture away from your hands allowing you to keep a firm grip on the club in any weather conditions. Buy Forward Golf grips HERE




5. Saplize Blue Grip

A clear clone of the Golf Pride Multi-Compound grips, the blue grip from Saplize  is a budget friendly grip aimed at the DIY gripping segment of the market. Like the MCC, the Blue provides excellent traction in hot and humid conditions.

Saplize Golf Grip



4. The Z-Grip Cord is the firmest grip available from Golf Pride. The Z-Grip features a deep “Z”-shaped texture pattern that winds vertically around the grip for control, while a heavy cord texture throughout to provide moisture management. Available in both regular grip and in the ALIGN model.



3. Lamkin Crossline Full Cord

Lamkin's best-selling Crossline pattern is matched with full-cord coverage to deliver maximum control and shot feedback and performs well in all weather conditions.


2.  The Tour Velvet is the most widely used cord grip on tour. A budget friendly grip, available in every size, the Tour Velvet offers a more comfortable cord grip for play in all weather conditions.

1. Golf Pride MCC (New Decade MultiCompound)

  Combining the best of both worlds a cord grip for your glove hand to maintain traction in all weather conditions, with a more comfortable rubber lower, with a pebbled texture, for your trail hand. Available in a Plus 4 version and in multiple sizes and now in your favorite college team colors.



BONUS: Best Putter Grips for Wet & Humid Conditions 


1. Lamkin Deep Etched Cord Putter Grip

The Lamkin Deep Etched putter grip is a traditionally shaped paddle, with a deep-etched full cord surface to provide traction in any weather. Along with Genesis material that provides a softer feel along with unmatched durability.


2. Golf Pride Cord Grip

The Golf Pride Pro Only Cord Grips are played by the current #1 golfer in the world Scottie Scheffler.  The PRO ONLY Cord series is available in 3 sizes and shapes and features Brushed Cotton Cord for Golf Pride's firmest, most responsive putter grips ever. 




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