Top 10 Coolest Golf Divot Tools

Top 10 Coolest Golf Divot Tools

Pitch marks, ball marks or divots, regardless of what you call them they are the bane of existence for golf course superintendents everywhere. We've alway believed that having a cool repair tool (BTW: we call it a divot repair tool) is the key to getting golfers to fix their divots. So we scoured the web to find the coolest tools available. These good looking tools are too cool to leave in your bag, so whip 'em out boys & girls and fix your divots!

10. The Callaway 4-in-1 Divot Repair Tool is marketed as a bit of a Swiss Army knife of tools. Combining a groove brush, metal groove cleaner, ball marker & repair tool.


9. The Pitchfix divot tool is an automatic opening fork style unit. This design is often used for company branding. We love the design, but the tines are a bit fragile and can bend easily when repairing divots. 


 8. The single tine tool from Odyssey is great a looking piece, though it does make us a bit nervous when bouncing around in our shorts pocket.


7. The Pitchfix Spider divot tool takes the cake when it comes to "unique design" and really feels like a beauty is in the eye of the beholder tool. 

 6. The Delta pitch mark repairer is a solid piece of steel in a classic ergonomic design that acts like a shovel to help close up the open turf.

 5. This iconic & utilitarian divot tool form Scotty Cameron has been around for years & is a timeless fork to clean up the greens.

4. Like the Scotty Cameron tool, the Tyson Lamb repair tool is a classic form follows function design. Meticulously crafted in limited quantities here in the good ole US of A.


3. The SelfieGolf Fidget Spinner divot tool gives you something to do while you are waiting on the 2 foursomes in front of you to tee off!

2. The stainless steel, manual opening PitchMaster, with a fully retractable fork, was our previous favorite divot repair tool.

1. The auto opening PitchMaster is an over engineered switchblade fork with an aiming ball marker and of course is our #1 coolest divot repair tool*.


*DISCLAIMER: There has been a lack of transparency in the golf industry lately when it comes to rankings. We at Golf Gear Box would like to make it clear that we are the seller of the PitchMaster divot tool and our selection as the #1 coolest divot tool is 100% biased.


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