The Grip Forward Technology Of Forward Golf

The Grip Forward Technology Of Forward Golf

You may know Forward Golf Grips as the grip of choice by MLA Golf for their award winning putter line-up, but the Canadian based company is leading the way in design innovation when it comes to putter & golf grip technology.

Their premise is simple. By adding more grip material above the shaft, the unique shape places the hands in the ideal position, uniting the arms, hands and putter and creating a more balanced and consistent stroke.

The Midsize and Oversize putting grips utilize a deep rounded V shape, allowing the grips to fit perfectly in the hands for reduced grip pressure and improved comfort resulting in better distance control. 

Adding to the technological advances, the grip's unique ribbed pattern employs a raised chevron texture for unmatched traction and control in all weather conditions, leading to amazing feel on all putts both long and short.

All of the technological advances in the world aren't helpful unless they conform to every golfer's needs. That's why Forward Golf makes 3 sizes of putter grips to suit every hand size & grip preference. Their standard Pistol Grip is perfect for those with smaller hands or those who prefer the traditional pistol shape. The Midsize has the unique V shape and is perfect for those who like a larger grip. Finally, the Oversize is for those who have used some of the largest putting grips on the market as a way to quiet their hands. 

But, the advances don't stop at the putter! Forward also makes a regular club grip with many of the attributes of their putter grips to give a consistent feel from top to bottom of your golf bag. While the grips are listed as "midsize," it really feels more like it's somewhere between standard and midsize making it very playable for many different hand sizes & grip preferences. 

The V shape used in their putter grips is also embodied in their club grips. When you grasp the grip, you will feel a very subtle raised ridge at the bottom of the club. This shape will help you take a consistent grip on the club and ensure that your club face is square at address. The familiar chevron pattern seen in the putter grips is also echoed in the golf grips giving you a consistent grip texture and tacky feel that performs well in all weather conditions.


Move your game forward with club & putter grips from Forward Golf.

Golf Gear Box is proud to be an authorized US distributor for Forward Golf's line-up of technologically advanced grips. To see the full line of Forward Golf Grips click HERE.

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