Best Putter Alignment Systems

The Best Putter Aiming Systems

Do you struggle with alignment with a putter in your hand? While the majority of recreational golfers have distance control issues, i.e. coming up short with their putts, many golfers also struggle with hitting the ball to one side of the cup or the other. According to research done my Callaway Golf, 70% of golfers leave putts to the right side of the hole while the other 30% leave it left. 

If you are struggling with alignment issues with your current putter, perhaps one of these aiming systems may help.

SeeMore Putters:

SeeMore Putters have been around for many years and call their putters "the best kept secret in golf." Zac Johnson and the late great Payne Stewart both won major championships with a SeeMore putter in their bags. SeeMore uses an aiming system they call "Rifle Scope Technology or RST." The concept of the aiming system is pretty simple,  just line up the putter so that the red dot on the putter head disappears behind the shaft and your putter face should be square to the target. SeeMore putters are available in many different blade & mallet configurations and shaft options, with prices starting at $200. 


 Bloodline Golf:

Bloodline golf is a relatively new company to the putter world, but its founders have years of experience previously working with Odyssey Golf & Daimana Shafts. Bloodline takes a new approach to alignment by having a putter that can stand up by itself allowing you to step behind the putter to align the face to the hole. An engineering marvel, the Bloodline uses an ultralight shaft so the putter head stays firmly on the ground when you step behind it. The downside is that the shaft is extremely fragile and can break if not treated with care. If you are prone to throwing clubs, this is not the putter for you! Bloodline putters are available in both blade & mallet styles and start at $499. 


Odyssey Golf: Two Ball

Introduced in 2001, the Odyssey 2 ball putter became one of the hottest selling putters ever and was used by golf pros on every major tour. With putter companies changing aiming systems every few years, 20+ years since its launch the 2 Ball putter is still a top seller today.

Using two inserts on the putter head that are similar in size to a golf ball gives the illusion of 3 balls perfectly aligned when you address the ball. That illusion helps you align the putter toward the hole and stroke the ball in a straight line. The 2 ball putter is only available in a mallet, but there are many styles and shaft configurations, with prices starting at $219

MLA Golf: Multiple Line Detector Activation 

Unlike many of the other companies, MLA Golf worked with an actual Neuro-Scientist to develop their proprietary aiming system. The system was created by identifying how our vision perceives what is straight and what is not by looking at the line detectors in our eyes. Through their research MLA identified multiple alignment shapes, but found one that provided the line detectors in the eye with multiple aiming points for the best alignment as shown in the graphic below. 

 The MLA aiming system not only aids the golfer in aligning the putter face to the ball, but also helps visualize a path to the hole. MLA  Golf putters are available in multiple blade, mallet & mid-mallet configurations and start at $169.


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