Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

Thanksgiving Leftover Ideas

What do you do when you make a 25 pound turkey for only two people? Leftovers of course. Here are some ideas for how to take advantage of all that leftover bird.

Day 2 

Lunch: Classic Turkey Sandwiches - Whole wheat bread, provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato and Miracle Whip

Dinner: Thanksgiving Dinner all over again. We made stuffing, sweet potato casserole and a dried cherry & cranberry sauce (Recipe Below) that was divine. We used 1-cup of Splenda in place of the 1.5 cups of sugar, and it was both sweet and tart.

Day 3 

Lunch: Turkey Sammiches - We substituted the leftover cherry cranberry sauce in place of the mayo and tomatoes for a nice sweet & savory sammy.

Dinner: Turkey Goulash with biscuit dumplings, (Recipe Below) we simply replaced the chicken with turkey and reduced the chicken stock by 1/2 cup.

Day 4

Lunch: Turkey Club Sammiches - The addition of some thick cut bacon strips makes the perfect club.

Dinner: Spicy Chorizo and Turkey Rice Bowl- The Spanish Chorizo adds a spicy, smokey flavor to the dish with just a bit of heat. Sprinkle a few drops of your favorite hot sauce on top for a bit more kick.

Day 5

Breakfast: Turkey and cheddar scrambled eggs with peach salsa

Melt a TBS of butter in a pan, heat cubed turkey in the butter, pour in 3 scrambled eggs, 2 TBS of cheddar cheese and cook. Remove from heat and top with peach salsa.

Lunch: Turkey Sammiches

Dinner: Turkey Chef Salad

Now it's time to get back into the gym and back to a sensible diet. Well, at least until Christmas rolls around!

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