Sun Mountain C130 Cart Bag Review

Sun Mountain C130 Cart Bag Review

The neoprene rubber top of my 18-year old golf bag had started to deteriorate and was rubbing off on my clubs and hands so it was finally time for a new one. I don’t know what it is about golf bags for me, but I find looking for a new one as enticing as shopping for a new car. After all, this bag had served me flawlessly for 18 years and now I had to find one that would be my loyal companion for at least another 15 years! Who's ready for that type of commitment?

I looked at some of the local golf shops, but found a very limited selection and many were overpriced so online I went. I found some very good reviews of Sun Mountain golf bags and decided to check them out. My goal was to find a 10” cart bag, with at least as much storage as my current bag and a separate large putter well for my Odyssey putter with the large Super Stroke grip.

Sun Mountain has a number of good-looking cart bags in attractive colors so it was hard to narrow it down to one, but, ultimately, I settled on the C130 cart bag. The C130 has a 10.5” top and weighs 7.3-10lbs, depending on which website review you read. It has a putter well, which appeared ample sized to hold my obnoxiously oversized grip.

The bag retails for $229 on the Sun Mountain site, but there were a number of discounters selling it for $219. Just as I was getting ready to pull the trigger, a ad for the bag popped up on the right side of my screen. Don’t you hate that someone is tracking your every move on the internet! This time, however, those annoying little trackers actually paid off. Jet was offering the bag for $196. I had never used before and their price goes down based on your willingness to forego some customer service items like free returns. I opted out of the free returns, which brought my price down to $193 and as a new customer Jet offered 15% off my order. Whaaaaaaaaatttttt????????????? Yes, please! That discount took the price of the bag down to $166, I quickly clicked the “Complete Order” button before Jet changed their minds about that price. In addition to the low price Jet offered free shipping and estimated delivery in 7-10 days. Obviously, Jet has taken a page out of the playbook - under promise and over deliver. I was blown away when the bag showed up on my doorstep 48 hours later. WooHoo!

Now the only downside, if you can even call it that, to ordering the bag on Jet .com is that they only had two colors in stock. The Sun Mountain site shows 11 different color combinations of the bag, including a very cool patriotic USA bag. I opted for the Gun Metal/Gray/Flash Color, with the flash color being a neon yellow/green accent on the bag.

Overall the bag is attractive and I like the flash color, which should make it easy to spot my bag in a crowd. The bag comes with a matching rain hood. It feels lighter than 10lbs and while it’s designed as a cart bag it’s certainly light enough to carry my clubs if I decide to walk 18 holes. Yeah, as if!


There are 8 pockets on the bag and all of them are accessible while the bag is strapped into the cart. The bag uses a unique pass through system for the cart strap so every inch of pocket space is accessible, though riding with a partner does make access to one of the side pockets a bit more challenging.

There are 2 velour-lined pockets for valuables and/or a rangefinder. Some large apparel pockets and a cooler pocket for storing drinks along with a cold pack. The only thing missing in my opinion is a small mesh pocket or two for placing a wet golf glove and for an easily accessible bottle of water.

My oversized putter grip fits easily in the putter well and I found the 13 other individual dividers very helpful when searching for the right club. This sounds trivial, but if you are playing a cart path only course and have to quickly grab 3 or 4 clubs and walk to the other side of the course, it's nice to know you grabbed your 4, 5 & 6 iron and not your 4, 5 and 9 iron by mistake.


There are two large plastic towel rings on the outside where I attached my golf towel and groove brush. 

Well, I'm early in my relationship with my new C130 bag from Sun Mountain, but so far I'm quite happy. Who knows, this could be the beginning of a beautiful and long friendship.

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Thanks for your comments and hope you are enjoying your Sun Mountain bag, I certainly love mine. LOL! You are correct about my clubs, I am in the process of testing new irons right now.

Golf Gear Box

I opted for the slightly smaller and lighter Sun Mountain CX1. It’s very light and offers enough storage space for what I was looking for.

Now that you’ve upgraded your bag, it’s looks like it definitely time to upgrade your old clubs.


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