Putting Tips: Improving Distance Control

Putting Tips: Improving Distance Control

Do you consider yourself a lag putter? You know, the type of golfer that is so nervous about having a long second putt for par, or bogie, that they never get their first putt to the hole. As the old cliche goes "Never up, never in". Translated that means if your ball doesn't have the speed to get to the hole, it aint goin in! So how do you get over your fear of that next putt? 

Well there are two things that you need to practice to improve your chances of making more putts, the first is improving your distance control and the second is practicing and gaining confidence with the dreaded three footer. 

In order to practice distance control try the Putting Ladder Drill. As shown in the illustration above, draw an imaginary circle six feet in diameter around the hole on a practice green. Next set up a tee at 10', 20' , 30' & 40' from the hole. Place 3 balls at the 10' tee and putt each ball trying to make it in the hole or getting it within the 3' of the circle behind the hole. Do not move back to the 20' marker until you can get all 3 balls in the hole or within the 3' circle behind the hole. If you come up short of the hole on any of your putts start again at the 10' mark. 

Now that you've got your distance control down its time to practice those three footers. Now most of us hackers look at a three footer as tap in and we don't usually sweat it, but if your are playing in a tournament or a game of WOLF with your buddies/girlfriends they are gonna make you putt those out. When that happens those simple three footers can go from no sweat to knee knockers.

In order to feel confident with those putts drop 3 balls three feet from the hole and try to make all three. Once you've drained all three move clock wise to 3:00 and drain three more, then on to 6:00 & 9:00. Do this drill until you can get around the four quarters of the clock without missing.

Master these two drills and you will be on your way to better distance control, draining more first putts and feeling comfortable with the comeback three footer.

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