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Scotty Cameron Putter Refinish & Stability Shaft Install

We've always loved the look of chunky blade putters, so when an older Scotty Cameron Newport Mallet 2 landed in our proverbial laps, we jumped on it. If you follow this blog, you know we are huge fans of murdered out putters and we had a vision of defiling this Scotty and recreating it in our favorite image-Blacked Out!

For this project we wanted to use the Golf Pride Tour SNSR Contour 140 CC putter grip as the style guide for the putter.

In addition to the grip, we wanted to add a stability shaft to help reduce twisting of the putter face. We decided to use a black Breakthrough Golf Technology (BGT) Tour Series stability shaft. See the BGT stability shaft HERE


Our current gamer, an MLA Golf putter, clocks in at a 385g head weight and we found the Scotty way too light for our tastes. We switched out the standard 10g weights and added two 25g bringing the head weight up to 370g.


The first step was to measure and cut the old shaft to length for installation into the BGT shaft. We apologize profusely to the previous owner of this putter who had just had it re-shafted and re-gripped at the Scotty Cameron Custom Shop! 

Next, we noodled on the color palate we wanted for the putter, laid out the design and then sent it off to a refinisher. In addition to the custom paint, we asked the refinisher to remove any nicks and imperfections on the putter to make it look like new. 

After we received the putter back from the refinisher it was time for assembly.


We epoxyed the head into the BGT Tour Series Shaft, set in our putter jig and let it dry overnight.

The next day we cut the shaft down to our preferred 34" length. 

Finally, we installed the Golf Pride SNSR on the stability shaft and let it dry. 


There you have it, one Badass murdered out stability shafted Scotty Cameron putter.

Want to build your own high-tech stability shafted putter? Golf Gear Box is an authorized dealer for Breakthrough Golf Technology stability shafts and we can install one on your putter or sell you the shafts to build your own.


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