Pro Advanced ProReturn X2* Hitting Net Review

Pro Advanced ProReturn X2* Hitting Net Review

* Upon publishing our review of the ProReturn hitting net we were informed by the manufacturer that we had actually reviewed a prototype of their next generation net, called the ProReturn X2. All of the features discussed in our review should be attributed to the ProReturn X2 and not the original ProReturn.

We were contacted on Twitter by the folks at ProAdvanced Golf to do a review of their pop-up hitting net. At first we thought it might be a scam or that the unit would never show up, but it arrived as promised.

The shipped unit showed up well packaged with a box inside a box and folded up in its carrying case, so there is no fear of it arriving damaged. All folded up, the unit weighs approximately 10 pounds and is easy to carry over the shoulder.

There are two very nice features we identified in the carrying case. First, ProAdvanced included an interior pocket for storing the spikes that are used when setting up the net on grass. Second, fabric directions are sewn inside the cover for easy reference. Both of these features add increased organization and help prevent loss of materials. In reference to the instructions, we found them useful at showing the step-by-step way to fold the unit for storage, but no set-up instructions are included.  

We initially set up the net on our concrete patio, which was fairly easy and simply required the removal of a few loops & ties. It was a little awkward to set it upright alone and even more so when we moved it inside in the tight space of our basement. Two people would be ideal for initial set up, but it's not mandatory by any means.

The netting and canvas materials used in the construction appear quite well made and look like they will hold up well over time. The steel frame is a more robust version compared to other pop-ups we've seen.

ProAdvanced recommends setting up the net on a hard surface in order for the automatic ball return to function properly. We set up our chipping mat approximately 3' from the front of the unit and began taking some full swings into the net. While the ball returned to us most every time, sometimes, it came bouncing back at us quite rapidly. Not a big deal when set up outdoors but, if you have floor to ceiling windows and glass patio doors in your basement, the quick moving, bouncing ball can make things a bit dicey. 

The net seems to work safely with most of our irons. We did need to move back quite far to use our longest clubs. If you are confident in your swing, using your driver is not an issue. However, if you spray the ball, make sure there is nothing breakable behind the net. Just in case you miss, of course!

In order to test its durability, we folded and unfolded the net 10 times to ensure it would spring back into shape. Without fail, the net popped back into shape with no problems. We note that it takes a bit of practice to fold the net back into a circle and get it back into the carrying case. 


Material: Sturdy Polyester Netting & Spring Steel Frame

Closed Dimensions: 36 x 30 x 3 inches

Open Dimensions: 9' x 6'

Weight: 10 pounds

Suggested Retail Price: $189 (Discount Price $99)



Easy Set Up

Light Weight

Auto Ball Return

Folds Up For Storage

Only Need One Ball, Not A Bucket For Practice


A bit awkward for one person to set up 

Balls sometimes bounces back rapidly when on concrete 

Closing the net takes some practice


We enjoyed hitting into the ProAdvanced net. It was fairly easy to set up, take down and just work on our game.

Does the product offer Quality and Value? To answer that question, we did some online research of other driving nets at, below and above the suggested retail price of the ProAdvenced unit. From what we could find, the ProAdvanced net offers a lot of features for its list price. While the unit retails for $189, we saw a number of retailers selling it for as low as $99. So does it offer quality & value for the money? We give it two thumbs up!


The net for this review was provided to Golf Gear Box by ProAdvanced Golf in exchange for a review, positive or negative, of their product. 

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