OGIO WOODE 8 Hybrid Golf Bag Review

We love our cart bag, but we've spent a lot more time at the range this year working on swing changes, and lugging a fully loaded cart bag around puts a strain on the old back. So we've been looking for a new lighter carry bag that has a similar amount of space as our cart bag. Enter the OGIO WOODE Hybrid Stand Bag. 



The WOODE bag stands up like a cart or staff bag and leans over like a traditional stand bag. The WOODE features a unique 8 way top with full length dividers. The eight-way top allows players to separate woods and irons, which OGIO claims makes finding the proper club easier. So let's test it out and see if their claims are true.

 The bag really is sized right between a cart bag and the typical stand bag. The water resistant material appears to be very durable and looks great, we won't lie, like Callaway Golf's Anthony Taranto, we love anything with skulls! 

We followed the recommendations for storage by placing the driver on the top left with fairway & hybrids below and the putter in the top slot of the iron side of the bag. The clubs do look well organized in their respective slots when you first load them, but there are two major issues. First, the head covers for the woods hide the irons on the left side of the bag making finding the right iron difficult and a large mallet putter hangs over the next row of irons.

The second issue is that the irons do not stay seated in their respective slots and once you pick up the bag and start walking the irons get all crossed up, making finding the right iron a challenge and difficult to pull out of the bag.


Emptying the pockets of our cart bag we struggled to find enough room in the WOODE bag for all our golf stuff. The WOODE bag features two magnetic snap lock pockets for quick access to balls and valuables. The snap lock, instead of a zipper, on the valuables pocket made us a little uneasy so we used it for some other accessories. We really miss a small zippered velour lined valuables pocket and cooler pocket. The area on the right side of the bag really misses the mark by not having an additional pocket/s there and in our opinion is wasted real estate.

If you follow GolfTwitter, you may have read recently that having a towel with a grommet and hook is now as verboten as iron covers and white belts. For the record, we totally disagree with this premise and will always be a fan of grommet & hook towels.  However this may be the reason OGIO chose to add a towel loop on this bag rather than the traditional D-Ring. Sliding a towel through the loop works great, but as a grommet & hook loyalist our towel dragged on the ground when attached to the loop. The bag could really use 2 more rings to attach an extra towel, club brush or range finder. 



Great looking bag & graphics 

Sized between a cart & stand bag

Dividers larger enough for all clubs

Easy to find & pull woods & putter


External ball, tee & pen storage



Irons bounce around, are difficult to keep organized & remove from the bag

No cooler pocket

No range finder storage

Not enough rings for towels, rangefinders, etc.

Headcovers & putter obscure Irons

Right side of the bag is wasted space



9 Pockets

Pushcart Lockdown Strap

Water Resistant 

Umbrella Sleeve

Towel Loop

Water Bottle Storage

Double Shoulder Strap 

Velcro Glove Patch

External Ball, Tee & Pen Storage


Color: Black/Brown Graveyard Skulls

Divider: 8-Way

Top: 10"

Dimensions: 15" x 16" x 34"

Weight: 6.5 lbs


We had really high hopes for the OGIO WOODE 8 golf bag being a long term solution that would be easy to lug to the range and have plenty of storage as a cart bag. After a month of using it, we have to say it has not lived up to our expectations. Additionally, we have to label OGIO's claim that the WOODE system makes finding the right club easy partially false. While it does make finding woods & your putter easier, we found it more difficult to quickly find the right iron and get them out of the bag. 

The OGIO Woode Bag for this review was purchased by Golf Gear Box.

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Great review, love ogio bags and their fabric patterns and torn on this bag… But can’t commit with the feedback.


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