NEW Golf Grips For 2024

NEW Golf Grips For 2024

With lingering supply chain issues coming out of Covid, many golf grip manufacturers were just trying to keep their existing grips from going on constant backorder, let alone create new grips. This spring it appears that grip inventories have leveled off and a number of companies have new offerings for 2024. Please note some grips may not be widely available until late April or early May.




Lamkin continues to innovate with the new UTX+. The UTX+ is the only fully corded club grip with a tacky feel and reduced taper on the market. 


The UT+ utilizes Lamkin's Genesis material to create a grip with a unique traction pattern and a less tapered bottom hand to reduce grip tension. 


Sonar + Hero is a straight profile grip with a slightly reduced taper and a larger lower hand, and is designed for, and to, help patriots. With every Sonar + Hero grip purchased Lamkin will donate a portion of sales to the PGA HOPE Veteran's Program.

Sink Fit Deep Etched Putter Grips now feature Lamkin's softer-feeling Genesis Material, enhancing the performance it’s already known for. Its prominent horizontal etched pattern, traditional paddle, and smaller profile provide maximum responsiveness for all putting styles. 




The JMX Palmbird Pistol's ergonomic shape places hands in the correct position to reduce unwanted and hand & wrist movement. The Palmbird can be installed for a traditional grip or turned sideways for a claw or pencil grip. 


The JMX Pistol is an ultralight putter grip that matches JumboMax's Ultra Light swing grips. Available in 2 sizes and 3 colors, if you're looking for a way to increase your putter's swing weight this is an easy fix.




RIPIT golf is a relative new comer to the golf grip market. Known for their high performance grips with flashy designs. This spring RIPIT is launching their "Artist Series" grips that bring even bolder new designs to the table. In addition, RIPIT offers golfers the opportunity to combine their designs to create a very unique set of grips. You can purchase them directly at, however, these designs will set you back $17-$18 per grip!





Another relative newcomer to the grip market Grip Drip has launched their Augusta grip which features a unique chevron pattern. While they may soon get a strongly worded letter from Chairman Ridley, you can get them now at





For 2024 SuperStroke has added two new color options on their Zenergy line of putter grips. The Zenergy Tour 1.0, Tour 2.0, Pistol Tour, and Pistol 1.0 putter grip models are now available in a bright pink & white color scheme.

 The Zenergy Pistols, Tour and Flatso models get a cool new red, white and blue camo option this year. 




Golf Pride

 Golf Pride will launch their new reverse taper series putter grips this spring. GP says their reverse taper technology can stabilize both hands for a more square putter face at impact. The grips will be available in medium and large sizes in pistol, round and flat front shapes. 



N01 Grips

Already boasting the largest collection of colorful tacky grips on the market, N01 is launching a plethora of cool new color combinations this year. 

Their 43 Series gets royal blue and red new color combos this spring.


The 48 Series adds royal blue, navy, red and soda(baby blue).



The 50 Series expands the line with 2 black, 2 royal blue, silver & white colors.



N01 Putter Grips also get some new color combos this spring. Both the pistol and midsize models add a matte black and a royal blue color.




Need new grips? Golf Gear Box sells and installs grips in our Oconee Club WORX Studio in Lake Oconee, Georgia. We are a Golf Pride Certified Grip Center and are an authorized dealer for all of the following brands:

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