Lies, Damn Lies & Golf Statistics

Lies, Damn Lies & Golf Statistics

With all the information available to golfers today it can be a case of paralysis by analysis for many, insert B. Dechambeau here. But does understanding all of those statistics actually translate to success? If you were to figure it all out and lead the majority of statistical categories on the tour would it propel you to the top of the money list? Well we decided to look at the current FedEx Cup leaders and see where they ranked on some of the key tracked metrics on tour.

Here's what we found.

  • Leading in key statistical areas does not necessarily translate to earnings
  • There is no one clear metric that is indicative of success
  • Driving accuracy does not appear to be as important as distance
  • Being #1 in any single category may get you in the Top 20
  • A hidden metric, #of rounds played most likely skews many rankings
  • Statistically Rickie Folwer is currently the best golfer on the PGA Tour
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