How to start Putts on the right line

How to Start Your Putts On the Right Line

Most short game teachers will tell you the best way to make more putts is to start the golf ball on the right line. Sounds simple right, in theory yes, not so much in real life when you take into account all the factors to make it happen. Short game guru Dave Pelz says "most weekend players get too caught up with what happens at the end of the roll. Making or missing putts largely depends on what happens at the start. The more putts you start on line, the more often they’ll drop—and the more pars and birdies you’ll rack up."

Here are 4 tools to help you start more putts on the right line.

Putting Mirror

Starting putts on the right line has a lot to do with squaring your putter face at impact to the target. The putting mirror is the perfect tool to help you align your putter face & your stroke to the target. Don't believe us, check out any practice green during a PGA event and you will see everyone from Bubba to Tiger working with a mirror. See our putting mirrors HERE.

Michael Breed Putting Sword

The putting sword is one of the most versatile training tools because you don't need a putting green, grass or even a cup. The sword can be used on hardwood, carpet and concrete indoors and out. Putting the ball on the sword again teaches you to square the putter face to the target not just at the start, but all the way through the stroke. Putting the ball the full length of the sword is like sinking a 10 foot putt, but it ain't easy and takes lots of practice. See the putting sword HERE.



Putting String Trainer

Prefer to practice at the course or practice green then the Putting String Trainer is a great tool to help you with squaring the putter face through the stroke and starting the putt on the correct line. A common misperception is that the String Trainer's can only be used for practicing straight putts, but it's a great tool to help you putt to a spot for breaking putts as well. Check out Justin Thomas using the string trainer to square the putter face to the line of a strong left to right putt. See the string trainer HERE.

Putting Gates


Not having problems squaring your putter face at impact on straight putts, but struggling with breaking putts? The putting gates are a great tool to help putt to a spot on breaking putts. Use the small gates for short putts and the larger  gates for longer putts to help you see the breaks better, Can be used on course or on any synthetic putting greens as well. See the putting gates HERE.

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