How To Make Golf Cufflinks

How To Make Golf Cufflinks

Over the years we've purchased and been given a number of divot tools with attached ball markers. We now have a bunch of ball markers with lost divot tools and vice versa so what to do with them all?


We saw a great tutorial on DIY cufflinks on a cigar blog and thought we could use our ball markers to make up some swanky cufflinks of our own. While we have plenty of ball markers we thought some promo cuff links might be more appropriate. So we pulled the ball markers from two of our Golf Gear Box divot tools.


We found some cufflink backs at a jewelry supply store, they are called "findings" by the way if you are doing an internet search for them. 

Next we used a Dremel tool to rough up the back of the ball markers to get good adhesion with the epoxy. You can also use lapel pins or ball markers with studs by grinding them down with the Dremel.

We had some two-part epoxy on hand so we mixed up a bit of that to secure the ball marker to finding,


 Next we dipped the finding in the epoxy and positioned it on the ball marker and let them dry overnight. Best to plan out how you want the ball marker to be positioned on your cuff before gluing the finding down.



And there we have it a homemade set of golf themed cufflinks. Now.....what do we do with two divot tools with no ball markers? Clearance sale!



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This is very cool! Thank for sharing.

J. Berkowitz

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