Building and Indoor Putting Green

How to Accessorize Your Putting Mat

Purchasing an indoor putting mat is a great way to keep your putting skills sharp all year round, regardless of the weather. But who wants a boring putting mat sitting in the middle of the room? No one that's who! 

Here are a number of ways you can accessorize your putting mat.

Add Rough Fringe

Add a rough fringe around the entire mat to give it a finished look. While buying sheets of turf can be expensive, many turf sellers/installers offer remnants from a previous job at lower prices. You can also check your local Craigslist or Facebook Market place for turf remnants. 


Add Lighting

Get some inexpensive low voltage lighting strips and attach them to the back stop as shown below. We hear Ty Webb loves this set-up for "Night Putting"! 


You could also get rope lighting at your local home improvement store and lay it around the entire mat for a glow golf effect.

 Elevate And Landscape

Build a platform for your mat to sit on and put some pavers around it. You can build the platform out of wood or better yet, get some of our Tour Links panels, that way it's more portable and you can take it with you if you move.  See the Tour Links panels HERE. Pavers are inexpensive and available in many different sizes, colors and shapes from your local home improvement store. In addition to the beautification of your space, pavers provide an all around backstop keeping the balls on the green.


 Add Some Greenery

Add some real or artficial potted flowers or house plants around the green to create a warmer space.

Add A Mural

Get a wall paper mural or cling-on of your favorite golf hole and put them on the walls surrounding the green. Adding a large mural will add depth and make your room appear much larger than it is.

Add A Bunker 

Many turf companies now sell artificial bunker turf that you can add in a cool shape next to your green, The longer fibers used in the bunker turf can make an excellent rough fringe to chip up on to your green, just put some rubber padding underneath it.

With all the different ways to accessorize you putting mat there is no reason to have a boring indoor practice area. Try some of these tips to make your indoor practice area shine and, if you have other ideas to glow up your putting mat, please share them with us in the comments. If you need a putting mat check out the 30 sizes we offer, one of which is sure to fit your room and your budget.

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