How Do We Do Golf Equipment Reviews?


At Golf Gear Box we strive to bring you fair and accurate reviews of products we carry and even those we don’t. We want to be seen as a credible, impartial resource you can count on when making golf equipment purchases that’s why we won’t carry any training aids that we don’t think have the propensity to improve your golf game.

We always want to know about the latest and greatest products designed to improve the short game of golf and will do our best to stay up to date on new equipment releases. If we miss something, please send us a note and we will try to get a sample from the manufacturer to try out.

How do we do reviews? We take every product out on the practice area of our local golf courses or on our home putting greens and try them out first. If we are reviewing wedges or putters we take them out and play a few rounds before rendering any decisions. Later we confer about our experiences and develop a Pro and Con list that becomes the hallmark of the review. Finally, we add a rating based on the product’s ability to improve your game, see the review scale below, because after all if it doesn’t have the ability to improve your game it’s probably not worth your hard earned dollars.

Game Improvement Rating:

  1. Most golfers can expect game improvement from this product
  2. High handicappers may benefit most from this product
  3. This product is difficult to use and/or offers little game improvement
  4. Save your money
    Is your review system subjective? Heck yeah, every review system is subjective! So how do I know that a positive review can help my game? Well if you are a PGA Tour Pro or a single digit handicapper, you are probably not reading this blog to improve your game, hopefully you are still reading, but perhaps for the witty repartee. We assume you are like us, a bunch of mid to high handicappers looking for ways to save shots around and on the greens. So if that’s you, well, you can take our reviews to heart.
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