Golf Gum Review & Giveaway

Golf Gum Review & Giveaway

 I don't know about you but, after a long week of work, early Saturday morning tee times can be a bear. While I can't wait to get into my round, getting there and being awake on that first tee can be a challenge; and, while I love coffee it can give me the shakes. So, when Apollo Gum company contacted me about their caffeine/energy Golf Gum, I was very interested to see if it would give me the lift I needed without the buzz.

Golf Gum calls their product "The perfect portable energy source for people who choose only the best for their body, mind, and golf game."


• 80 mg of Natural Caffeine Per Piece (approximately 50% of the caffeine in a small Dunkin' Donuts drip coffee) 

• Xylitol for Healthy Teeth

• B-Vitamins

• Zero Sugar

• Zero Aspartame


Can gum and caffeine boost your golf performance? Believe it or not there is actual data to support the use of gum & caffeine to improve your scores.  According to a 2016 study conducted by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI), a division of the National Library of Medicine at the National Institutes of Health, “A moderate dose of caffeine consumed before and during a round of golf improves golf-specific measures of performance and reduces fatigue.”

A 2015 Auburn University study found similar results, shaving, on average, two strokes off of collegiate golf scores." “Chewing gum was [also] associated with enhanced productivity and reduced cognitive errors,” according to the NCBI.


Opening the package, there is a super strong smell of spearmint. The gum itself looks identical to the old FreshenUp Gum. You remember the one with the liquid center?

Biting into the gum, the liquid inside presents a slightly cold, bitter flavor that is quickly overtaken by the sweet and flavorful spearmint. The gum starts out quite large in the mouth, but slowly starts to get smaller and smaller to a more comfortable size. 

Early on, the texture is very soft and easy to chew, and after two hours it was still flavorful and soft. The manufacturer claims you only need to chew the gum for a few minutes to get the stated benefits. I definitley felt more alert & focused after about 15 minutes chewing the gum and had a nice boost of energy, too. I did not notice any ill effects (shakes, nausea) from the caffeine.  When my wife tried the product she did not seem to notice the same boost that I had from the gum. My wife can drink a double shot of espresso at midnight and be asleep in 5 minutes, while that would keep me awake for two days. So the full effect of the gum could be based on one's sensitivity to caffeine. 

While the product is called Golf Gum I wouldn't limit its use just to a round of golf. Having a piece of gum 30-mintutes before heading to the gym gave me a nice lift and all the energy needed to power through my workout. 


Perfect for those who need a pick-me-up but don't like coffee or other stimulants

Great spearmint flavor

Stays soft & flavorful longer than we could chew it

Does not dry out your mouth like other spearmint flavored products


Only available in one flavor

Pricey, but significantly less than a cup of Joe

Can a gum improve your golf game? Give it a shot. Its a lot less expensive than investing in a new driver. Golf Gum is available online at Samples of Golf Gum for this review were provided by Apollo Gum.

We are giving away two Golf Gum prize packs simply type "GOLF GUM" in the comments section below and you will be automatically entered in our drawing on Friday February 9th.





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Golf gum. Interesting, love to try it

Josh G

Golf gum. I don’t do coffee or energy drinks so I’m looking for something to give me a little boost every now and then!


Golf Gum. This seems interesting. I would definitely like to try this out espically since I am trying to cut coffee out.

Michael Falcon

Golf Gum


GOLF GUM seems like it’s worth a try! I chew gum while I play, and could always use an energy boost. Sign me up!!

Alan Larson

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