Coolest Products from the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show.

Coolest Products from the 2019 PGA Merchandise Show.

The marketing hype by equipment companies and golf bloggers was in overdrive last week in Orlando, FL at the annual PGA Merchandise Show! Said to be the Super Bowl of the golf industry, we would argue its more like the NFL Draft, as you really won't know what you've got until you put it in play for an extended period of time. 

We read through as much online coverage as possible over the weekend to come up with our Top 10 Coolest Looking Products. Note, we said "coolest looking", not the best ever, not the longest, straightest, softest, lowest scoring, add marketing superlative here. We would never make proclamations about golf products without first testing them for an extended period of time under familiar conditions, that would be a disservice to our readers and customers.

So without further ado, here are the coolest looking products we saw.

10. Death Grip golf glove form Asher Golf. Price: $16.99.

9. Skull Garden shirt from Loud Mouth Golf. Price: N/A. This would obviously be a perfect compliment to the Death Grip glove!

8. Aqua Sport waterproof golf bag from Big Max. Price: $299. 

7. Golf Pride Grips with built-in Arccos Connect technology. Price: N/A.  Arccos is a fully-automatic shot-tracking system that records and analyzes every shot you hit, provides distances to any point on the course and analytics to help you make smarter decisions on course.

6. MLA Golf announced that their Tour Series Putters will now come STANDARD with P2 Aware grips ($35) in your choice of colors. See the Tour Series putters HERE.

5. Scotty Cameron Phantom X12 putter. Price: $429. Scotty launched a whole new line of putters called Phantom, and while all of them have an exceedingly modern look, the X12 really caught our eye.

4. FINN Cycle from Sun Mountain. Price: N/A. The FINN Cycle arguably generated the most buzz at the show. Is it just a novelty or a true option for golf courses to draw millennials into the game? You tell us.

3. Lynx Prowler Irons. Price: $995. Are these the poor man's PXG's? 

2. Miura K Grind Wedges. Price: N/A. These gorgeous K Grind Wedges are being reintroduced to the market by Miura. We've always loved the look of these wedges, though their price will most likely put them out of reach for most casual golfers like us.

1. Lynx laser engraved Boom Boom wedge. Price: N/A. Granted we are huge Fred Couples fans, but that wedge is just damn cool!

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