Building an Indoor Putting Green

Building an Indoor Putting Green, from Simple to Spectacular

Building an indoor putting green can be as simple or as spectacular as your space, imagination and budget will allow. Golf Gear Box is now offering bulk indoor and outdoor putting turf that can make your dream practice area a reality. In this post we will focus on setting up an indoor putting space and in a follow-up post will look at some outdoor applications. 

You don't have to spend a small fortune to keep your putting skills sharp all year round. A simple piece of turf laid out on the floor can give a straight forward place to practice your stroke. 

Here we've laid out a 6'x12' piece of indoor turf on the floor of our golf room and added one of our rubber putting cups. The beauty of this simplistic set-up is that you can move the cup anywhere on the turf you want to vary your practice and when not in use you can roll the turf up and store it in a closet. The addition of a putting mirror gives you a full fledged practice area.

Using the same piece of turf we've added a chipping mat, some indoor practice balls & a chipping net to create even more varied practice. 

If you are looking for a more permanent installation with golf holes then adding a platform base is the way to go. There are a number of great instruction plans out there to help you build the base, but we really like this one because it provides a materials checklist. Once you've got your platform built then you can lay the turf out over the top of the platform, cut your holes and your ready from some serious putting practice. 



Want a platform base, but don't have the tools or time to build it, then using our Tour Links panels is a great option. Here, we've put together a 6' x 12' set of base panels and and cut the indoor turf to fit on top of the panels. The no-slip rubber backing on the turf sticks to the panels negating the need to permanently affix it. The modular nature of the panels means it's more mobile than the wood platform should you want to move it to another room or take it with you if you relocate.



Have a golf simulator? Why not use our indoor turf to create a matching putting area for long and short game practice.


Want to really go nuts? How about getting rid of the carpeting & hardwood and use the turf as your floor covering. Who wouldn't want an entire room that is a putting green!

And finally, if cost is no object you can create a multi-tiered green with all the accessories.

Golf Gear Box is your source for indoor putting turf and all the accessories you need to keep your short game sharp all year long.

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