ALLFIT Universal Driver Adapter Review

ALL-FIT Driver Adapter System Review

 Are you a club Ho? If you answered yes to this question the ALL-FIT Driver Adapter system might be right up your alley. The ALL-FIT system uses a universal adapter head with multiple connectors that link up to OEM driver heads. This allows you to try any driver head with your favorite shaft by simply unscrewing your driver head and replacing it with another, no fuss, no muss. But how does it work? That's what we wanted to find out.

We ordered the black driver adapter and the following sleeves:





We had to order 2 different Callaway sleeves because apparently they used a different version just for the Epic Flash driver. It took about 8 days for the package to get to us, which was pretty good coming from China to Georgia.

Since we purchased 6 different OEM connectors we also bought the ALL-FIT metal case which has cut outs to organize each of the adapters. Unfortuntately,  many of the adapters require their own proprietary screw and there isn't a way to safely keep the adapter and its respective screw together in the case. If you purchase multiple connectors save yourself some money and just store everything in a ziplock bag.


When we were ready to install the adapter on a shaft we realized there were no instructions. So we contacted ALL-FIT and asked the proper orientation for the adapter on the shaft. Rather than answer our question they sent us some images and said "here is how some of our customers installed it". A simple answer with how to orient the adapter would have been a lot more helpful. The adapter fit snuggly on the shaft, but did require a good bit of effort to get it seated to the proper depth. The adapter allows for about 1.5* degrees of adjustment in either direction, but looking at the adapter it is not intuitive and the adjustment directions were about as useless as the installation instructions. 

 For our testing we borrowed a couple driver heads from friends for the review.  We tried adjusting the loft settings on the adapter, but to be honest we could not tell a huge difference in ball flight regardless of which setting we tried. We settled on the -0.75 from neutral setting on the adapter for testing for no real reason.

All of the connectors fit perfectly with its respective OEM club head and required no effort to switch out each head. However, changing the screws on the driving range did create bit of anxiety with fear of dropping and losing them in the grass. Regardless of which head we tried they all had a very solid feel with no play between the heads, adapters and shaft. Swinging the ALL-FIT connected driver felt no different than swinging our fixed adapter head driver. The only real difference some golfers may recognize is that club length will change slightly when using a taller faced driver.


Ability to try multiple heads on the same shaft

Ease of use

Great for club fitters & Club Hos

Available for .335, .350 & .370 shaft diameters 



Case has no place to store proprietary screws

Ordering from their website was a challenge

Playing length varies based on the height of the club head

No installation directions 

Small screws could get lost



 Overall, we give the ALL-FIT Adapter System a very positive review. Being able to try multiple driver heads on our favorite shaft was a not only educational, but it was actually a lot of fun. While the manufacturer could do a much better job of communicating installation and adjustment directions, that did not take away from our enjoyment of the product. If you are a golfer who believes there is always a few extra yards out there, but don't want to invest thousands of dollars purchasing new drivers, the ALL-FIT System and some used driver heads are a great alternative to dial in the best set-up for you.

The ALL-FIT Adapter System for this review was purchased by Golf Gear Box.

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