About Golf Gear Box

About Golf Gear Box


We are just like you, passionate about everything related to the game of golf. Like you, we are always trying new things to improve our scores and make the game of golf more enjoyable. Over the years we’ve learned that most of our strokes, lost or gained, are within 50-yards of the green and so this is where we spend most of our limited practice time. We strive to get better at pitching, chipping and putting everyday.

At Golf Gear Box our goal is to bring you the best available training aids to improve your short game. We won’t sell gimmicky stuff that some infomercial poser is hocking on late night TV. Nor will we market some fly by night product represented by a PGA tour pro on a money grab. We promise to bring you products that we’ve actually tried in our homes, on the range or on course and believe they offer some form of game improvement.

 Check out our blog for honest, fair reviews of products we sell and even those we don’t. We cannot represent every product out there, but if they offer game improvement we want to know about them and we want you know about them too. We are expanding our product offerings every week so check back often to see what’s new.

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