Putting Mirror DIY Indoor Gates

Putting Mirror DIY Indoor Gates

The Eyeline Putting Mirror is one of our favorite training tools to improve many facets of the putting stroke including eyeline, swing path and putter acceleration. While it's easy to set-up your mirror and the required gates by using golf tees outdoors, it's a much more difficult task when practicing indoors. So we came up with a simple way to create putter gates and a speed slot for your indoor putting green. 

You'll need one EyeLine putting mirror (available here at GolfGearBox.com), 3 wood screws approximately 1.25" long and 3 nylon spacers measuring 1/2 x .328 x 1, which you can find at your local home improvement store.

Stick the wood screws underneath the mirror and up through the putter gate holes and the speed slot. You'll want to use wood screws because their flat heads will limit the potential to snag the fibers on your putting green. When moving your putting mirror around your practice green, it's best to pick it up rather than take a chance of snagging the carpet.

Then simply place the nylon spacer over the point of the screw and you are ready to start your indoor practice session. The nylon will protect your putter head from getting scratched up during those intense practice sessions.

For about two bucks you now have a putter gate and speed slot you can use on your indoor putting green. A simple, cheap and effective tool for improving your stroke! 

PS: @Jerry Walters- If you are going to steal my idea for Eyeline, I want a cut!

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